in collaboration with EUROSUD


Since the concept of democracy and active participation are strongly connected to the good governance , EUROSUD organized a public debate in the municipality town hall of the city of Bari and Bisceglie. Debating , public discussion and public talking could promote improvements in good governance and also improve the quality of local social policy and European social programmes.
As a group we encouraged active participation and critical thinking trough this debate session. In order to organize this, EUROSUD asked Glooscap to organized Pinhole camera workshop to give partecipants the tools to use photography like a language to express themselves and their ideas with symbolism, narratives sequences and observation.
It was a way to know ather cultures, speak other languages about theme of identity, immigration, brotherhood, peace, environment, cultural and social integretion.
All this through the easiest way to produce images: a cardboard box with a hole on one side only!